About volato

Located at Bauru - Sao Paulo - Brasil, Volato Aircrafts and Composites is reference in composite aircrafts structures, using pre peg fiber, fiber glass and carbon. Has developed the experimental aircraft Volato 400, a 4 seat aircraft with a modern conception, comfortable, low drag coefficient, economic and extremely easy to fly. Stands in the market with the innovation of services and assistance in setting , on which gives support to the home builders. Nowadays Volato works on developing it’s LSA project, the Volato 200.


Rod. Osny Mateus SP 261, km 116 – Bairro Aeroporto, caixa postal 401 – CEP.: 18682-970, Lençóis Paulista/SPFone: 55 (14) 98115-7068- 55 (14) 9 8115-7068 e-mail: contato@volatoaeronaves.com.br, acdc77@yahoo.com.br

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